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St. Blaise

February 5, 2017

This school week was cut short due to the celebration of St. Blaise, which occurs February 2 and February 3, however the main celebration is on February 3. St. Blaise is the Protector of Dubrovnik. I don’t know much about the festivities that goes on even though I tried to emerge myself in the festivities. But, the City of Dubrovnik website has more information about St. Blaise.

On Friday, during the St. Blaise celebrations, the Old Town was crowded with people. There were many people dressed in traditional clothing, as well as crowds of people singing and the priest of the church giving a speech. I’ve been told that you can get your throat blessed on this day, but I unfortunately did not even though I wish I had.

The highlight of my week did, however, occur on St. Blaise Day. The city allows free access to the City Walls on February 3 (I believe it usually costs 150 Kuna, which is just under 22 USD). It was such an incredible experience! There is no view of the town quite like the one from the walls. I went up with two of my friends, and it took us about one hour to travel around the entire perimeter. It is something I plan to do again at least one more time.

Next time I do it, though, I want to knowingly pass by HBO famous landmarks. For the Game of Throne fans out there, I realized afterwards just how many landmarks I walked passed and saw from the City Walls. Just this morning, I was looking up things to do because I don’t have class Monday, Wednesday, or Friday this week because my professor will be gone (but don’t worry – we already had make up classes for those days). I knew there were filming locations in Dubrovnik, but I didn’t realize how many I had already passed.

I am excited to seek out the filming locations, because between my binge-watching of the series and being in one of the cities Game of Thrones was filmed, it would be a waste to not see all of which I can see.

This is a shorter blog post, but there no words to describe how I felt on the walls. And as we know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

PS: I'm working on a photo gallery, so you can see my pictures at your own pace.

KitIt is a pretty amazing place isn't it Isabella.
MamaCan't wait to be there with you!! Started watching Game of Thrones so i'm in the groove Love you sweetie
Throat blessed? How close to Romania are you??
Uncle MarkHow close to Romania are you??
Aunt DebOne wonders what the builders of the houses were thinking to jumble them up every which way! It's great to go around the city walls. What an experience. Think what the wall meant when it was built as a protection for the townsfolk. Great photos!