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Lost and Found

January 20, 2017

I made it to Dubrovnik yesterday afternoon around 1600 (about 10:00AM Eastern time). However my luggage did not; after a long day of flying, it was a little upsetting but luckily I had an extra outfit for the next day in my carry-on for exactly that reason - lost luggage.

Speaking of luggage and carry-on, when I was packing I made it my mission to fit everything into one suitcase and the only carry-on item would be my backpack. Determined as I was, I succeeded!

Here is a break down of the last few days for me:

Wednesday (January 18) my dad drove me to the Toronto Airport for my flight to Amsterdam at 6:40pm - it was about an 8 hour flight. BUT International Travel Airlines have surprisingly good food so that's a plus! After Amsterdam, I had a 2 hour flight to Zagreb (the capital of Croatia) and then a flight that was less than an hour to Dubrovnik. When I landed, I found out that my luggage did not make it there with me, so I talked to the people at the Lost and Found desk and gave them my information and they could find it and get in touch with me.

Although it was a little stressful that my luggage was lost (probably in Amsterdam) it was SO great that Mel, a grad assistant from RIT Croatia, was there to pick me up. We went to the apartment that was arranged for me - it is a very lovely place with 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a half bathroom, and a common area (plus being the first one there I picked a bedroom with a balcony and a view of the sea). In total, there are now 8 of us in this apartment, but it is still really nice and so far there hasn't been any trouble!

After I dropped off what little I had, Mel, the one and only boy in our apartment, and two other girls studying abroad (one from France, one from Poland) met up with the students studying abroad over intersession for dinner. Then, we went back home, and a few hours later the other 6 girls showed up from Rochester.

Today (January 20) we had orientation at 10:00 (which is about 4:00AM) in America. It was mostly just filling out paperwork to get out Temporary Stay Visas. Then we went all around town to get a stamp and our pictures taken for our Visas before finally getting to the Police Station to drop off our applications.

When we finished all of that, we walked into Old Town. Something that is really cool for us - we will be in Dubrovnik the same time Leonardo DiCaprio starts directing his movie, Robin Hood. When we were walking around, we saw men building the set for the movie and the hotel where they are casting for extras. As cool as it would be, I never got the chance to go in and ask about it. Either way, it's pretty cool; Mel said it's a small town so there is a chance we might run into Leo.

I wish I could say finally, but the day isn't over yet! After Old Town, we went home, went grocery shopping for a few things, not too much stuff, and went home again. While at the store I got a call from the airport, and my luggage arrived. Fifteen minutes later, a man from the airport dropped it off and I unpacked in 10 minutes! It was such a relief!

Finally, my roommates and I went to dinner down the street, then went out with the other study abroad students (there are the 2 girls and then also 2 guys from France) to a club and just hung out there for a little. We left, I FINALLY got a chance to shower (the last shower I had was the Tuesday before I left so, it was long overdue).

Now, past midnight here, and only dinner time back home, I am waiting for a phone call from my parents. Tomorrow and Sunday are pretty much free days for us, then classes start Monday. I am pretty excited!

I am curious to see how many people are in my classes. All I know is that all the girls studying abroad other than me are Hospitality majors. I will find out in a couple of days for sure!

Uncle MarkBella! The adventure begins! My advice, as it has been for decades, is don't let your schoolwork interfere with your education.
Patty sturmHope you get some rest! Glad you got your bags💜 Enjoy!
Mama!Baby Girl!! The adventure begins! That shower must have felt so good. Good thinking keeping an extra set of clothes in your carry on. Ca
Papa (:So exciting Bella! This semester is going to be such an experience in your education quest that will be hard to beat!
Aunt DebYou are a wiz, getting your user/friendly comments to work! Thank you that we don't need a password! I hope the photo is the view from your balcony. How far away is school? Do people bike there? Looking forward to the next blog. See Uncle Mark's comment for your priorities!
DARTH VADERBummer about the luggage! Can't beat a room with a view though!