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Fine Whining & Dining

March 9, 2017

I’m back! I know, it has been a little while since I’ve written anything. Between the PMS’ing weather and my own ‘laziness’, the last two weeks have been mostly uneventful. But, there are couple of things I decided to combine so I could use this title (Fine Whining & Dining).

Last Wednesday (March 1), RIT in Rochester had their career fair. An event of around 250 companies and thousands of students looking for co-ops and full-time jobs. Well, here at RIT Croatia in Dubrovnik, we had our own variation of that. They call it Career Education Day (CED). Unlike the event in Rochester, CED is mandatory because there are no classes; and DEFINITELY unlike the event in Rochester, there are only about 25 companies and a couple hundred students at CED.

Here’s how it goes: wake up early, get dressed (business official), and arrive at the venue (Rixos Libertas – it’s a beautiful hotel) for the opening ceremony and the first panel. Then, throughout the day each student goes to three presentations that you either signed up for or were placed in by the school. It is advertised as a good way to network and find a co-op or full-time job. They set that up nicely, too, because in the middle of the day, there is a speed networking event to connect with employers.

Can you guess how I came up with the title yet? Just in case there’s any confusion. The days leading up to this (actually the week or two), we Americans didn’t really want to attend. Although I am use to the early mornings, I am pretty much the only one. Moreover, there was this idea that this won’t really benefit us. To an extend, I agreed. But for me, what really bothered me, is that usually on Wednesday I would only have one class and be done by 10, but this event was spread across the whole day.

BUT, I am a positive enough person. Whether I expressed it aloud or not, I believed this could still be interesting. I wasn’t really sure what the presentations would be like, but I thought that maybe they could be cool or informative. Well, I was half right!

The first panel in the morning was a little boring for me. It wasn’t very relevant to me personally. From what I remember, it was mostly about hospitality. But, there was a second panel that was more about technology and about technology in hospitality. I enjoyed that one more.

As for the presentations I attended, well, they started out promising. The first one was given by a company called Enum. It is a small start-up company founded by a few the RIT Croatia students/alums. The guy that gave the presentation is actually now a professor and the TA for one of my classes. He talked about their small company and it was just amazing to hear about the company and how it started because it all began at RIT Croatia.

After that, I had hope for the ones to follow. The second one, I was placed into (even though I signed up for a different one) and it was about hospitality. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly of interest either. And the third one- the third one was… interesting. When I first got there and saw the screen, I thought it had great potential. The PowerPoint said it was going to be about AI, but if you asked me what it was about at the end, I would tell you I have no idea. It was presented in a video game, but the content didn’t stick. It was unorganized and sounded like nothing more than an advertisement for Unity (a good software program for video game development- I’ve never used it so I don’t know much else about it).

Overall, it wasn’t a bad experience, and maybe it wasn’t beneficial for us. But, maybe, it could have been. I mean, hospitality is an international field. And technology- it’s everywhere. I don’t know about anyone else, but it would be really cool to work abroad and it’s something I will be considering in the next couple years. The worst part of the day was that it was cold and rainy, but we survived so I’ll stop whining.

At this point, you’re probably like, “Uh, okay Bella, I just read like an entire novel and you have only been whining?” That’s because I don’t think my fine dining is a story any larger than a children’s book.

Yesterday (March 8) was more than International Woman’s Day. It was also the Dean’s List Reception. Yep, Rochester, RIT Croatia has a dinner with the Dean for students who have made Dean’s list in the previous semester. And this was not some event set up in the Gordon Field House. It was held at the Rixos Libertas Hotel. The venue was beautiful, and I was probably underdressed but I only have so many outfits here in Dubrovnik.

There were four of us from Rochester that made the Dean’s List, but three of us attended the dinner because the fourth student already left for Spring Break. There was a brief introduction from the Dean at the beginning of the dinner, then we were invited to the buffet to get food. There was a lot to choose from and I tried a good portion of different items, but I have to say I was most excited for the quinoa salad because I have been looking for quinoa since I arrived in Dubrovnik.

Oh, and of course I was VERY excited for dessert *insert heart-eye emoji*. I tried nearly every dessert that was there. I mean, jeez, can’t beat it - free wine, free dinner, AND free dessert. I don’t think there is a need for more words. That sums it up!

Up next is Spring Break. After a lot of stress about the plans, planes, and passport, my dad got it all figured out and will be spending a week with me and we will travel to Rome and Venice. I cannot wait!

Oh and a little aside: I added a few extra pictures. One is a picture of one the cats I see in Pile at the bus stop a lot and have now befriended. One is a picture of dog walking around as freely as we do. And the third is a picture of a cat chillin' on top a car. These are just a few things I captured this week that are part of what I love about Dubrovnik - puts a smile on my face.

MamaHi sweetheart. So glad to hear dad will be with you! Can't wait for our trip. Congrats on earning dean'a list. Nothing is more motivating than good desserts. Nothing makes running the 5k you are considering more difficult than good dessert. Save some of the wine for me!! Leave the other whine some place else. Love you baby girl.
GrandmaWhy am I not surprised that you would be on the dean's list? I'm very proud, though, because I know that while your inborn braininess oils the skids, but you never fail to apply yourself, as well, and that's a winning combination. So proud! I'd love to be a fly on the wall as you show your Dad the sights. (Bad analogy, though, because you'll be outdoors a lot. Hate the thought of having to buzz around your heads while you swat at me. Shudder!) Love you , love you, my sweet Bella! Love your posts, too. XOXOXOX
PapaSo proud of you Bella and I can't wait to see you Sunday! Love you Bella
Aunt DebI was hooked when I saw that plateful of desserts! Whine all you like, but that was the reward. I'm impressed that RIT put on the career day for the Croatia crowd, though the presenters were probably thrilled to not to go to the Rochester and spend time in Dubrovnik instead. The best presentation on hospitality and technology is in The Grand Budapest Hotel. The networking was amazing! ;-) Hold on to your valuables in Rome. We've experienced attempted thefts in Rome and Buenos Aires and an actual theft in Budapest. A money belt under your clothes for passport, credit cards is recommended. No flashy jewelry. But the things you'll see! Venice doesn't seem real! Think movie set, again. You and your Dad will have a great time! Try vodka pizza. And remember, the 4-cheese pasta is served BEFORE the entrée so save room. And a gelato and coffee are appropriate at any major monument! And good for you to be on the Dean's list! Keep up the great work!