The Traveling Tiger


Final Count Down

May 18, 2017

After four months in Croatia, my time here is winding down. The month of May has flown by as I had expected and today my mom will be arriving (literally just a couple more hours) and we will be finishing up my experience in Croatia, and Europe, together.

Once May hit, my stress levels spiked. With projects upon projects to complete and deadlines creeping up, I could not wait for finals week to hurry up and my mom to be here. I was super stressed about my projects and worried I wouldn’t complete them. I was not proud of the final products I submitted, but my grades reflected better than I had expected. Nothing like finishing off your study abroad experience like straight A’s.

As for the finals themselves – they were a piece of cake. The first final I had was short answer and I was suspecting to be my hardest one, but I only lost a few points. Then, I had a practical for Foundations of Mobile Design; but if you know how to follow directions, it wasn’t designed to be very hard – the project was much worse. My third final was another short answer, but we were allowed one cheat sheet and review questions to help guide us. Lastly, I had a take home final for Wines of the World, so once again, it was easy.

Now, I am all packed up and waiting to go pick up my mom at the airport. We are going to check in then go out to eat. Today was also the day a couple of the other study abroad students left, so yesterday we went out to eat one last time together. I am super excited for all my mom and I have planned! And I cannot wait to be home and see everyone (especially my brothers because they miss me ;) ).

# 1 Fan :)You had a great experience that everyone should experience. A touch of life experiences outside your comfort zone. It prepares you to take on other life challenges straight on and over come them. It makes you a stronger person. Now it is time to come home because you were missed by so many that love you! XOXOXO
GrandmaSweetheart, Despite the row of XOX, I am not the author of the previous post. Even the sentiments are mine, so now we know that I'm not alone in being so proud of you. I have only one quibble, but it shouldn't be a problem because everyone knows that it's your Grandma who's your #1 fan. :-) XOXOXOX